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Breakfast A Waste of Time?

The science is in. Those of us who skip breakfast end up eating more calories for the day than those who eat breakfast, even though you miss out on a meal!

Not only this but the people that skip breakie will actually make worse food choices, experience more cravings for calorie-dense, saturated fat foods. Sounds like a recipe…for disaster…

BUT not all breakfasts are equal. When we eat a protein based breakfast (think eggs, meats or protein shakes) we have less cravings, better feelings of satiety, more energy throughout the day and better hormonal levels such as dopamine, a brain neurotransmitter that controls the reward part of our minds.

Dopamine is responsible for stimulating those compulsive thoughts of how we reward ourselves with food. When this neurotransmitter isn’t firing correctly, it takes us longer to feel satisfied. Hence, we not only crave more indulgent foods but also overindulge when we do eat them.

Here’s the good news. When we eat a protein based breakfast, rather than a carb dense one, this increases our dopamine levels, leading to less cravings for the sweet and greasy stuff, better appetite control and ongoing weight management.

Eating protein is extremely effective for fat loss, as it is more satisfying than fat and carbohydrate, keeps us fuller for longer. Protein has a very hard time being converted to fat so it’s a good macronutrient to focus on when our goals are to build lean muscle, tone up and drop body fat.

So how much is enough?

Aim for between 30-35 grams of protein per meal, especially for breakfast.

Breakfast food items to include are:

  • A few good quality free range laid eggs;
  • Some quality chicken or non processed meats such as turkey, tuna or salmon and sardines with healthy omega’s and olive oil;
  • A pre-made egg frittata with vegetables is a great transportable snack especially if you’re in a rush in the morning and tend to forget breakfast;
  • A good quality WPI protein in a shake or smoothie with added fibre and nutrients from chia seeds, nuts and low GI fruit and veggies.

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