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Sugar Addicts Anonymous.

I have a confession. I was a total sugar addict.

Not something you would expect a Health and Wellness Coach to admit.

This wasn’t because I wanted to be, but because my body was starved for energy and looking for a quick fix.

Drinking a glass of wine or eating some corn chips or a couple of lollies would trigger huge cravings for chocolate, bread or pizza. And those cravings would linger, make me hungry and get me constantly thinking about food.

And let me tell you, it drove me nuts – UGH!

The problem with sugar is that it actually robs nutrients from your body and takes energy away, perpetuating a vicious cycle like the one I just described.

The good news is that when you nourish your body with whole foods and holistic practices you strengthen your “force-field” and protect yourself against the harmful effects that stress can have on the body and mind.

But here’s the rub: just like you I’m busy…but I want to eat well. I need simple meals that give me energy, that are quick to put together, easy to digest and that nourish my body – instead of taking away from it.

So, I got thinking about how I could add value to my community, and I decided to run a 5 Day Challenge as a sort of kick up the pants to getting rid of sugar cravings, reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels, naturally. This was a game changer for me and I want to share it with you.

Because here’s the thing: low-sugar energy eating doesn’t have to be hard. Like anything, you just need to have the right tools in your toolkit (or ingredients in your refrigerator!)

And here’s the good news: after resounding success, I’m running my 5 Day Challenge again, kicking off next Monday 18 June. This is guaranteed to be free of deprivation, counting calories, or dwelling on the numbers on the scale. It’s all about going from feeling depleted, fatigued, overwhelmed to feeling nourished on every level.

By discovering which foods work for your unique body, you will feel amazing. As you remove foods that are wreaking havoc on your system, you will:

  • Improve your vibrancy, digestion and immunity
  • Reduce fatigue and overwhelm
  • Enjoy glowing skin
  • Sleep more soundly, and fall asleep more easily
  • Stabilize your mood
  • Have the energy to accomplish your goals.

I get it, because I’ve had major struggles with my health too. I understand what it’s like to have a full life but not the energy and wellbeing to enjoy it. The family, friends, career – it’s hard to enjoy when you’re feeling flat. With the right tools, you CAN enjoy your amazing life every day!

These days, I help my clients get out of overwhelm and into a state of knowing what is right for their body. I help them learn how to implement some sensible planning, practical tools and simple tips for eating foods that fuel their body, instead of inflaming it with sugary foods, increase their energy and make them feel more calm and in control.

In this 5 day Challenge, I will be sharing the exact same tools that I have used successfully myself and with my clients, who now enjoy endless energy, vitality and motivation and often recover from chronic digestive, fatigue and lessen anxiety issues that have overwhelmed them their entire lives.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or email me directly at anna@blockfit.com.au. I read every single email personally.

Yours in health,




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