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Heal Your Gut and Gain Your Energy Back : My 2 Step Process

Did you know that your gut is said to be your ‘second brain’? Your brain, stress levels, emotions and ultimately, your entire wellbeing is influenced by not only your brain, but by your gut. Incredible, isn’t it?

Nowadays, our typical western modern diet has left our gut craving whole foods rich in the nutrients and minerals it needs to function at an optimal level so we’re not left feeling low in energy, fatigued and sluggish. The good news is that, if you’re feeling like this, like many of the women I coach, you can tweak your diet easily to start instantly repairing your gut, gaining your energy back and start healing.

The key to healing your gut (even after years of making ‘not-so-good’ food choices) is to focus on two things; your nutrition and how you deal with stress. By addressing fatigue, anxiety and low energy this way, you’re addressing your symptoms from the source; and not just using quick-fixes, supplements or pills as a temporary band-aid solution. Eating the right foods at the right times can reset your adrenal system, your energy levels and how your body retains fat.

Here’s how to start healing your gut for instant relief from low energy, fatigue and overwhelm.

  1. Have a look at what you are currently consuming on a daily basis. Aim to cut out highly processed foods and instead, add whole, nutrient-rich, plant-based foods. Combine this with a small amount of wild caught protein, free range eggs and plenty of water to hydrate the gut and facilitate the work your gastrointestinal tract does.

Natural Foods that support a healthy gut:

  • Coconut Oil – Cook with coconut oil and consume coconut oil, if tolerated. (3 tablespoons by mouth per day to kill pathogens naturally).
  • Fermented Foods – These can include saurkraut, fermented cultured vegetables, kvass and sugar free kombucha.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkin seeds kill parasites. It is best to consume 1/4 cup daily as a late afternoon snack or make pumpkin seed milk in a Vitamix with water, 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and stevia (if needed).
  • Cloves and Cinnamon – By cooking with each of these spices or adding them to a smoothie or drink you are naturally killing microbes that are wreaking havoc on your system.
  • Turmeric – By adding 1 tablespoons of turmeric to your foods, you are using one of the most powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory spices.
  • Kelp – to further help support your thyroid and adrenal health
  • Chlorophyll – Add 1 tablespoon to water and consume twice a day or add to a juice. This is great for energy
  • Ghee – If tolerated, ghee is fabulous for nourishing and healing the intestinal lining.

2) Address how you deal with both the conscious and unconscious mental triggers to your stress. By unlocking these often hidden triggers, you start to support the hormonal response in your body. This translates to more energy and sleep as well as factors like maintaining a healthy weight and mood come into play, but also being more in control with cravings, sustained energy and blood sugar levels. Come along to my free Stress Masterclass that shows you the EXACT steps to identify your hidden triggers to stress, and how to deal with them in any situation here.

Download my free 3 Day Eat for Energy Guide, which shows you the steps to gain more energy, clarity and vitality – it’s also the perfect way to see into a day within my 21 Day Energy Challenge that kicks off this Saturday 1 September.

If you’re ready to improve your energy, mood and mental clarity, join my 21 Days to Energy Program, where you’ll take the stress out of healthy, nourishing meals that will support the healing process of your gut and show you exactly how to consistently eat for energy, lower your stress levels and improve your wellbeing for the long term.


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