BlockFIT Live Blood Analysis Report


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Blood analysis is a powerful way to get data essential to improving athletic and personal performance. With blood testing, you look inside your own body to see your actual biochemical status.

​Using this science based approach, your own blood biomarkers provide an optimal nutrition and exercise plan for you. Professional athletes have been using this types of tests to optimise their performance, prevent injuries and optimise their health.

Along with a clients results, we include all recommendations about how to improve your biomarkers, (tracking a client’s progress every 6 weeks if on the Optimal Package.)

Aspects like folic acid, glucose, calcium, magnesium, creatine kinase, vitamin B12, vitamin D, ferritin, total cholesterol, hemoglobin, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides are all included in your results, along with recommendations on which foods and supplements to include in your diet and which to avoid.

BlockFIT is pioneering this powerful targeted approach in Australia with sensational results that pinpoint the most optimal diet and exercise routine for each individual client to get the most out of their performance, health and goals.

*This Initial Package Investment includes an in-depth initial consultation, customised nutrition plan, goal setting strategy session, body composition scan, bi-monthly measurements and ongoing mentoring and support. PT sessions will determine weekly investment, not included.


“Anna is a fantastic personal trainer. She strives to get the best out of her clients and I am glad I am along for my fitness journey. Looking forward to my next session and reaching my personal goals. Keep it up!” – David T.

“After three weeks of training I dropped from 114kg to 106kg. I didn’t initially believe the training would work especially because I haven’t really changed my diet and still have a few beers each night. I feel so much better” – Nicholas Sims.

“First session and wont be the last. Very professional and helpful! Very accommodating for a first timer! Highly recommend BlockFIT!” – James C.