DNA Based Personalised Nutrition Plan + Recipe Guide

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Product Description

Accelerate your results with our personalised DNA based nutrition plans, including a full eating meal planner and 35 unique recipes.

After collecting your DNA sample with a simple cheek swab, we develop a Nutrition Plan based on how your body will uniquely respond to what you eat and drink based on your genetic profile.

You receive:

  • a full BlockFIT Nutrition Menu Plan with recipes based on your DNA findings
  • a DNA Report with your DNA results and easy to follow advice
  • advice for the best nutritional and dietary approach for your genetic profile
  • advice for the best portion sizes for meals based on your genetic profile

Your DNA Report includes advice in the key areas of weight, appetite, obesity, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, fat storage and fat burning, body size and weight re-gain and how you process fatty acids.

Take the frustration and guesswork out of seeing results with our BlockFIT DNA Nutrition Plan, the best science based nutritional approach for you.



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