The 14 Day Gut Re-Set Challenge

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Product Description

Re-Set Your Gut in 14 Days and:

  • et rid of bloating, aches and pains
  • get back into an easy, healthy routine
  • eat the foods that are best for your gut
  • supercharge your mood and keep it level
  • feel more confident and in control
  • feel more energized, committed and motivated
  • let go of your energy drains and feel more positive and empowered
  • regain your mental clarity and focus
  • take control of your eating and health
  • feel ready to take on the world!

What you get as part of the Challenge:

  • 14 Days of delicious, nutrient rich recipes that are quick and easy to make (gluten, dairy and sugar free) * vegetarian available
  • step-by-step daily support to address the cause of your gut issues so you can quit band-aid solutions for good!
  • 24/7 Online VIP Access in my Women’s Support Group
  • Evidence based guidance using Nobel Prize winning principles from a qualified Wellness and Nutrition Coach that specialises in Gut Health