By October 5, 2017

James hadn’t really done anything drastic to his lifestyle for the kilos to creep on. Or so he thought… James had recently become a Dad and wasn’t playing as much sport as he used to, or keeping up with a daily exercise or movement practice and being a FIFO, he had the luxury (or temptation) of eating from a daily lunch buffet, like he was on holidays, every single day. When James came to us he wasn’t sure what types of foods were healthy and what portion sizes he should stick to. He also wanted to start exercising but after 12 to 14 hour shifts in 45 degree weather, wanted to keep these short and efficient. Sitting all day tightened his hip flexors and calves and he had no core stability and strength.

What we did:

  1. James was run through some efficient 30-40 minute compound strength and HIIT exercises workouts concentrating on his core with each exercise.
    These one on one sessions provided James with the framework of how to structure his own workouts, what muscles to engage, how to carry out the exercises and movements correctly and how to get the best results with the right time under tempo, muscle activations and intensity.
  2. James was restricted with his nutrition as he had no control over what was provided by the kitchen day to day.
    However, after our nutrition consultation James walked away with a plan knowing what to avoid, what to include and how much of each macronutrients to focus on. James also learnt when to time each type of meals to maximize his energy, replace glycogen and build muscle whilst dropping his overall body fat.
  3. We went over lifestyle factors of being a new Dad, and the challenges, rewards and tribulations that brought and how to maximize his time, energy and approach to his everyday life.

James was consistent with his nutrition and training and achieved his goal, increased his energy levels and got a new lease on life! Well done buddy! So proud of your focus and dedication!